Pacific Western Machine Works Inc.


For the agricultural market, primarily the fruit and vegetable market, Pacific Western Machine Works designs and manufactures custom grading, sorting and sizing equipment. Along with this we also offer filling, weighing, packaging and labeling machinery.

Vegetable Sizer

The machine shown is a multi lane vegetable sizer, part of a custom built washing and processing line . The line included a 2000 litre , horizontal axis continuous feed drum washer with rinse curtain, a 370 sq. ft grade table, the multi lane sizer, capable of extracting up to 4 sizes of product from 1 inch dia to over 9 inch diameter, infinitely adjustable throughout the range limit. The discharges can be directed to either tote bins or bagging equipment. The entire processing line is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.

Stainless steel vegetable sizer
Soft berry eliminator

Soft Berry Eliminator

This machine is a custom sized Soft Berry Eliminator. It is all stainless steel (including the bearings), DC variable speed motor with a KB drive, enclosed in a Nema 4 housing. The entire machine can be washed down to ensure food safety.